3 Easy Resolutions For A Healthier You

The excitement for ringing in 2017 has come and gone. Across the world, new years eve never fails to draw a crowd from all cultural backgrounds and walks of life because it provides us with hope, the idea of a clean slate. It’s a reminder that we can start over- setting goal/s that will only better ourselves. With 2 weeks into January, some of us may have slacked a little on (or completely forgotten about) those resolutions. Writing down goals are easy, staying on the pathway to success is the hard part, especially after the festivities have died down and the piles of confetti have been swept up. From there, you’re left with, just you. And trust us, just you, is always enough. You just have to believe in YOU too.

According to Statistic Brain, more than 40% of people make new year resolutions, 32.4% of those goals are health and fitness related. Most people fail to reach these objectives because they make back-breaking goals such as: Lose 40lbs in 1 month. Fit Life Tea is here to help you reach your healthiest and happiest self this year. Here are 3 simple and attainable health resolutions you can actually keep. And not just for 2017, for a lifetime.

Eat Real Foods

Instead of focusing on all the things you have to cut from your diet, concentrate on what needs to be added to your everyday eats. Eat real foods and eat them often. Add in apples, broccoli, quinoa, sweet potatoes, spinach, berries, whole grains, anything that Mother Earth grows to your diet. Most of us fail to reach our weight loss goals because we remind ourselves of all the things we can’t eat, which may revert us back to our teenage mentality, making us only want to do what we “can’t” do. It’s a stressful back-and-forth battle between the mind and stomach.

Art Markman, the author of “Smart Change” and professor of psychology and marketing at the University of Texas, agrees with the psychology behind our method. “If it’s an addition instead of a takeaway, you’re more likely to repeat it until the action becomes an automatic habit,” explained Markman. Replace the “I want to lose weight” with “I’m going to eat more fruits, veggies and whole grains.”

Pair your nutritious meals with Fit Life Tea’s organic tea blends to help further your health goals. All of our teas are made from handpicked whole organic tea leaves harvested by sustainable growers. There are a variety of premium quality blends such as green tea, flower blossoms, herbs and spices. Each natural tea blend is customized to serve a different purpose- detox, digestive balance, clear skin, restful sleep, immune system repair and weight loss. Shop for a Fit Life Tea package that suits your needs here!

Meditate for five minutes each day

When it comes to your overall health (body fat, fitness level, nutrition, weight loss, dental condition, etc.), mental health may be the most important on that list. The wellness of your mind determines the outcome of your everyday decisions, which is why incorporating daily meditation should be part of this year’s health resolutions.

The art of meditation is quieting the mind and calming the soul. It’s a craft that can better many areas in one’s life. According to Huffington Post, meditating five to ten minutes each day may improve concentration, increase happiness, decrease the aging process and enhance cardiovascular and immune health. Stanford University researcher Emma Seppälä explained to Huffington Post, “Studies have shown improved ability to permanently regulate emotions in the brain. It’s very empowering.” Meditation is mental hygiene, leaving more room and energy for the mind to concentrate and focus on the priorities that matter most to you.

Make exercising fun!

We’re all too familiar with the resolution goal of hitting the gym everyday to run on the treadmill and lift weights. Many of us give up on this goal because the gym can often feel like an exhausting chore. Switch out that daily treadmill resolution to making exercise more fun. Aspire to make workouts enjoyable and you’ll actually want to do them.

Trade your date with the treadmill for a spin class with a girlfriend, working out with your bestie makes your workout go faster and you have an accountability buddy! Find a scenic hiking route with friends. Pick up hip hop dance class or kickboxing class or judo class. The possibilities are endless! Find a way to want to workout. You’ll definitely stick to your fitness resolution if you’re having fun being active.

Before you start your exciting sweat session, drink a cup of Fit Life Tea’s Organic Metabolic Energy Tea filled with good-for-you antioxidants and natural caffeine for an energy boost to maximize your workout! Shop here for your cup of zeal!

What resolutions are you committing to this year? Leave your comments below!

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