Do These 5 Things To Wake Up With Energy

When the alarm sounds in the morning, how do you feel?

Motivated to jump out of bed and take on the day  or… desperate to squeeze in a few extra minutes of sleep?

Chances are it’s the second one.

Most of us struggle with healthy sleeping habits and rarely wake up energized.

The Sleep Foundation reports that 35% of Americans rate their sleep quality as poor or only fair, while 24% of women reported they didn’t wake up refreshed in the past 7 days.

Getting the kind of sleep that let us wake up with energy is becoming increasingly hard thanks to:

  • The blue light from our devices. The blue light our screens emit trick our body into thinking it’s still day time, so it interferes with the production of a vital sleep hormone called melatonin. If our melatonin levels are low at night, it’ll take us longer to fall asleep, we’ll sleep less hours, and we’ll wake up groggy.
  • Stress and anxiety. According to the Stress in America poll, 43% of people reported lying awake at night due to stress.
  • Checking your phone. The American Psychological Association found that people who constantly check their social media and email have higher levels of stress than those who don’t. A staggering 84% of us do.
  • Caffeine. I’m not just talking about drinking coffee in the evening. Consuming caffeine up to 6 hours before bed can lower the quality of your sleep. Research shows that taking in 400mg of caffeine (an amount similar to a Grande latte from Starbucks) 6 hours before bed reduced sleep efficiency, sleep quality, and sleep time, while increasing waking time during sleeping.
  • The pressure to stay up. At work and in our social lives, we are constantly pressured to do more and put in more hours, to the point where we feel guilty for sleeping in or going to bed earlier. This cultural pressure is keeping us from having the rest that makes us feel our best.


Wake up With Energy

The grogginess you feel in the morning is caused by what you do the night before.

The only way to wake up refreshed and brimming with energy is to create healthy habits both in the morning and at night.

Do these five things to revamp your sleep and wake up with energy:

1. Have a relaxing nighttime routine

A relaxing evening routine that helps you wind down from the day and disconnect from the endless requests of the outside world will help you:

  • Reduce stress
  • Lower anxiety
  • Slow down your racing mind
  • Induce sleepiness
  • Contribute to amazing sleep

Make sure to include these in your routine:

  • Relax your mind: Wind down with activities that center and de-stress you. Try writing, cooking, meditating, watching funny videos, reading, catching up with your favorite show with a relaxing cup of tea, or spending time with your partner.
  • Relax your body: Take care of your muscles and joints, especially if you have a sore back, tight hips or a stiff neck. Try light activities like stretching and yoga, or restorative activities like a nice warm bath, a face mask, or a massage. 
  • Avoid late-night dinners and snacks: Eating late at night disrupts your sleep. Stick to a light dinner several hours before your bedtime and abstain from late snacking.
  • Reduce or completely block blue light sources: Ideally, you should turn off all screens at least one hour before bed. If that’s not possible for you yet, use a blue-light blocking app in your device such as f.lux, or use blue-light blocking glasses.

2. Look forward to something exciting in the morning

wake up woth energy breakfast

Give yourself an exciting reason to not hit snooze the next morning. The anticipation of something fun will give you the extra motivation to rise and shine.

What would make you wake up with energy and excitement? Maybe…

  • Having an early breakfast with your partner or best friend at a nice coffee shop.
  • Going to a yoga class, a walk, or a run with a friend.
  • Watching a brand new episode of your favorite show.
  • Buying tickets for a movie or a fun event.
  • Having an extra half-hour to do your favorite thing in the world (write, take photographs, paint, read…)

Make an appointment with the things you love.

3. Soak up some sun

wake up with energy get sun

There’s nothing better than sunlight to shake off your sleepiness.

Daylight causes your melatonin levels to drop, swiftly making you alert and energized.

Get under the sun as soon as you wake up – in your balcony, your backyard, your kitchen, or the park.

4. Enjoy a filling breakfast

A balanced breakfast with protein, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates fuels and energizes your body.

If you have been skipping breakfast or eating sugary cereals and you feel tired in the mornings, try eating a healthy meal.

You can start with:

Avoid sugary drinks in your breakfast. Opt for an energizing tea or water instead to keep your blood sugar levels balanced.

5. Get your blood pumping

wake up with energy exercise

Finally, work up a sweat.

Working out releases adrenaline and endorphins (the feel good hormones) in your body. The last thing you’ll want to do when you’re feeling pumped is to go back to bed.

A brisk walk, morning stretches, a short jog, or a 20-minute bike ride in your neighborhood is more than enough to make you feel revitalized.  

Bonus tip: Trade your morning coffee for tea

Kickstart your mornings with an energizing  cup of tea – you’ll get all the energy superpowers without the jitters or (potentially) stained teeth.

Green tea, matcha, and yerba mate are perfect coffee substitutions that will keep you going all morning long.

Try our Kickstarter Pack to get our Energy tea and our Teatox together. Our Teatox blend will cleanse your body and boost your metabolism, while our Energy blend will be your sidekick in the mornings.

Hibiscus – one of the ingredients in our Teatox blend – can help you reduce body fat, speed up weightloss, lower stress, and block the absorption of sugars.

Green and yerba mate – star ingredients in our Energy blend – supercharge you and nourish your body with protective polyphenols.

Energy superpowers aside, green tea also…

  • Has powerful antioxidants that can prevent many diseases.
  • Has a compound called L-theanine, which works together with caffeine to protect and improve brain function.
  • Helps to burn fat more efficiently, which speeds up weightloss.

Grab our Kickstarter Pack to have kickass mornings.

Go get it

Waking up with energy is not impossible. A relaxing nighttime routine that sets you up for the best sleep, and an energizing morning routine that fuels your mind and body is all you need to dominate your day.

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