5 Proven Ways to Stay On Track

With the hectic holiday festivities humming in the air, it may be difficult to stay on track with your health and fitness goals. Fit Life Tea’s 14-Day Organic Teatox and 28-Day Organic Teatox is here to help you become and maintain your healthiest self. Read about our 5 ways to help keep your motivation in check during your teatox!

Write about your ups and downs

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Journaling about the process will help you identify triggers that derail you from your weight loss journey and teatox goals. Writing allows you to organize your thoughts, feelings and habits. Once you figure out what causes the problem/s, write about the game plan that will help avoid these momentary pit stops during your teatox program. This habit will also help you during your weight loss journey. Keep going!

Grab a Friend

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Double up with a buddy to complete the teatox program together. The more the merrier! It’s a win-win situation for everyone. You both help each other reach one another’s fitness and health goals while having fun doing it together rather than alone.

Stop by our FLT’s site and pick up the 1-Month Bestie Teatox, which is 10 percent off coupled with free shipping. It’s a great way to bond with your friend who shares your weight loss goals. So grab that friend and get started!

 Use social media to keep you inspired and encouraged


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Set a goal each week to post a picture of your healthy physical changes. Your friends via Instagram and Facebook are bound to notice and cheer you on with comments such as “You look amazing” and “Keep it up.” These posts will boost your confidence and keep you on track with your Fit Life Teatox goals.

Fit Life Tea would love to help you stay inspired and be a part of your teatox journey! Follow us on @fitlifetea and tag us in your posts. We’re here to cheer you on every step of the way!

Mentally Visualize The Process

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Set aside 3-minutes each morning to mentally prepare your mind and body. During the three minutes, try to quiet your busy mind and focus on what needs to be done in order to gain the best results and achieve your health goals during your teatox program. Studies have shown some of the greatest athletes mediate before their games. They envision playing a “perfect game” by making all the right moves with each situation. These 3-minutes of meditation is your time to visualize yourself having the perfect teatox day by drinking tea, kicking butt at the gym and filling your plate with colorful veggies, lean protein and grains.

During this time of meditation, you should also think of what normally derails you off track, then imagine what you’ll say and do during this situation. For example, when Susie the office secretary shoves a plate of cookies in your face saying, “Take a cookie! Jan just made her famous chocolate-chip cookies. They’ll practically melt in your mouth.” You imagine HOW you’d politely decline Susie’s offer and what you would do next.

Remind yourself that all things that are worth doing, take time and effort. It won’t come easy. You’ll have some bad days but it’s okay. Have them, pick yourself up and keep going. When completing our 28-Day Organic Teatox, we encourage you to consistently sip on FLT’s goodness as you replenish your body with nutritious and balanced meals. The discipline to be consistent with healthy eating may be the hardest part of any teatox but getting this down will allow you to be the best version of you and more.

Treat Yourself

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Come up with a reward system that doesn’t set you off track. We’re all for a cheat meal but you can also reward yourself in other ways that will satisfy your entire being in the long run. For example, grab a jar and set it in an area where you spend time at each day, such as your bed stand, kitchen or work desk. For each day that you eat clean, workout and drink the required amount for your teatox, you add $3 (or whatever amount of money you decide) into the jar. By the end of your teatox program, you can potentially have $84 to go shopping with at your favorite store or donate it to a cause you firmly believe in. Find an incentive that keeps you going!

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