5 Ways to Look & Feel Great, Without Breaking The Bank

With so much health advice available to us, it can be difficult to narrow it down. Juicing? Kettlebells? Non-GMO? The list of miracle health tricks is endless, and often these tricks come with some sticker shock.

Yet healthy living is attainable without spending exorbitant amounts of cash to get it. Give these 5 tips a try.

Get Your Beauty Rest

Sleep is restorative to your body and resets your brain. According to medical studies, sleep deprivation impairs attention, alertness, concentration, reasoning and problem solving.  It also contributes to an increase in hunger and appetite, and possibly obesity. Yikes! Sleep is free and there are many healthy aids, including our Organic Sleepy Tea, to help lull you to sleep. Nighty night!


Run Screaming From The Gym

Well, you don’t have to scream, but running outside the gym is ideal. It’s no secret that regular activity and exercise lead to a healthier body and mind. Thankfully exercise doesn’t need to include expensive gyms and trainers. Studies have shown that participants who exercise outdoors feel revitalized, increased energy levels and feel a greater satisfaction than those that workout indoors. This is in part from the sun. The sun produces Vitamin D, which our bodies need to avoid depression. Vitamin D deficiency is a major component in seasonal depression. Whether you like to walk, hike, swim or om shanti, taking your workout out of the gym can lower costs and help clear your mind too. Yoga in the park, anyone?

Step Away From The Laptop

We love our devices! Candy Crush and Facebook and Instagram – oh my! But being constantly connected may disrupt our sleep by inhibiting melatonin production, the hormone needed for sleeping. Why not take a break? Unplug for at least an hour daily. Feet up, phone down. Or meet a friend for a walk instead of texting them for 20 minutes. And finally, get an old school alarm clock and kick your phone out of your bedroom. Plus, screen-free is… well, FREE.


Quench Your Thirst

Your brain and organs need water to function. Your body can only flush out waste and toxins when it’s properly hydrated. So drink more water! And to boost immunity, burn more fat and clean up your digestive system, we recommend our Organic Teatox. At less than $1 per cup and loaded with health benefits, it just might put your caramel frappelattecino out of commission.

Make Your Diet Whole

When you eat mainly whole foods, you ingest more nutrients, fiber and proteins than in processed foods. Steer clear of chemically processed options like soft drinks, cereals and baked goods, and canned produce. They are higher in sugar, sodium and chemicals that can lead to obesity, insulin resistance, diabetes, and even cancer. Grab that apple!



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