8 Tips to Instant Energy

Are you having a hard time getting through the day? Can’t stop yawning at work and aren’t productive? You aren’t alone! Thankfully, it’s easy to change things around. Check out these 8 great tips guaranteed to instantly boost your energy and share them with a friend too! You’ll see results in no time!

  1. Ditch sugar and other highly processed food. We’ve all heard this one before but sugar is quite addictive and difficult to give up so we don’t always pay attention. Make it easier by swapping sugary treats for healthier, whole grain snacks that are lower on the glycemic scale and you’ll avoid the dreaded sugar crash.
  2. Increase physical activity. Sometimes it’s really hard to fit organized exercise into our lives, but everyone can find an extra 15 minutes for some sort of physical activity. Park the car at the far end of the parking lot, take the stairs instead of the elevator or go for a walk around the block at lunch time. Every bit helps you feel more energetic.
  3. Drink lots of water and herbal tea. In other words, stay hydrated with healthy, low caffeine sources of liquid. Two common symptoms of dehydration are fatigue and brain fog. But don’t wait for the symptoms to appear before you have a drink. Add herbal teas that are full of antioxidants and help your body fight stress and fatigue.
  4. Get some deep breaths of air. Sometimes we’re tired because we aren’t getting enough oxygen. If you don’t have time for a walk or other form of exercise, taking deep breaths will give you a boost. Stand up, inhale deeply, hold it for 3 seconds and then release your breath slowly. Repeat that 3 times.
  5.  Eat a handful of nuts. If you’re tired because you’re hungry and you know you have to give up those sugary treats, nuts are the perfect snack. Just make sure they aren’t loaded with salt or added oil. Slightly roasted almonds (about 12-20) are really delicious, filling and will give you that needed energy.
  6. Get some sun. All it takes is 10 to 15 minutes of fresh air and sunshine to get your energy and mood levels back up.
  7. Have a laugh. Hang out with high-energy friends and just have a laugh. Laughing elevates our endorphin levels which puts us in a good mood and gives us more energy.
  8. Sleep better. Quality sleep is really important for fighting fatigue. If you toss and turn during the night, you’ll be tired all day. Don’t drink alcohol before bed, have a soothing cup of organic, herbal tea instead and you will definitely sleep soundly.

What do you do when you need an instant energy boost? Let us know in the comments below!

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