8 Ways to Jumpstart Your Weight Loss Goals

Weight loss is both a mental and physical battle. The mind and body must be fully committed to be successful. During this journey, we too often stress over the result rather than focusing on the little steps that will eventually lead us to our destination. These simple tweaks to your daily routine will help you cut weight and keep it off. Here are eight ways to jumpstart your weight loss:


1. Fill Up On H20

Drinking a 16-ounce glass of water before meals will satisfy your grumbling stomach. Countless studies have shown that guzzling water can help you eat less without you even trying. Ultimately, water helps your stomach feel full before you have the chance to raid the fridge for goodies that could set you off track. Drinking lots of water not only aids in weight loss but will provide you with more energy and clearer skin, and boosts your immune system. Adding fruit like sliced oranges, lemon, cucumber, or strawberries helps to add natural flavor and sweetness.

2. Fight Fat With Fiber

Load up on fiber! There are two types of fiber: Insoluble helps food pass easily through your digestive system. Soluble fights fat and lowers cholesterol. Like water, filling up on fiber will keep you full and satisfied. Fiber comes from plant-based foods such as: leafy greens, nuts, pears, broccoli, green beans, seeds, berries, and asparagus. These foods will keep your digestive system active, waistline healthy, and heart happy.

3. Remind Yourself of Your Why

Ask yourself: Why do I want to lose weight? Write the reasons down in places where you visit frequently—agenda, journal, office, kitchen, desk, fridge, car dashboard, bathroom mirror. Find ways to remind yourself to stay on track. If you can persuade your mind to commit to your weight loss journey, you’re already half way there.

Source via: http://weight.sdghealth.com/4. Skip the Refined Carbohydrates

Refined carbohydrates (white breads, crackers, chips, white rice, cookies, cakes, sugary cereals) provide the body with all calories and no nutrition. Make sure to opt for complex carbs. Here’s a list of easy swaps:

Whole wheat bread – White bread
Popcorn – Chips
Brown Rice + Quinoa – White rice
Fruits – Cookies
Oatmeal – Sugary cereal
Sweet Potatoes – Regular potatoes

The vitamins, fiber, and antioxidants that come from whole-wheat and grains will aid in weight loss and provide the body with all sorts of good-for-you calories.

5. ZzZzZzZzZ More

Head to bed early and try to sleep for at least seven hours. Studies have found that lack of sleep boosts levels of ghrelin, your hunger hormone. Getting a full night’s rest will prepare your brain for the mental difficulties that come with the process of losing weight. Those who lack sleep tend to choose unhealthy foods and overeat. If you have difficulty sleeping and need help lulling your body and mind to sleep, try a cup of our delicious Organic Sleepy Tea—a natural aid to promote a restful night full of sweet slumber.

6. Get Moving

Make working out a priority. It’s easy to make up excuses and get caught up in the routine of your busy day, but if you want to lose weight, being active must become part of your day. Exercising does not require a gym membership. There are plenty of ways to be active: Go for a 30-minute walk during your lunch break, throw on headphones and do a quick jog, go window shopping (or shopping). Whatever it is, just move more.

7. Lift Some Metal

Source: www.hercampus.com

Strength training twice a week can help you lose weight and body fat. It’s the number one way to build muscle mass. Whether resting or moving, muscle burns more calories than body fat by increasing the metabolism. So bring on the dumbbells and squat-rack for a stronger and leaner you.

8. Drink Caffeinated Tea and Coffee

The caffeine in tea and coffee can increase your metabolism and mental focus. It can improve your physical performance by providing your body with extra endurance during cardio or help you push out that last set in the weight room.

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