Best 14 Day Teatox Diet Drinks

How would you like to lose pounds, speed up your metabolism and clear up your skin all in 14 days? With the best 14 Day Teatox from Fit Life Tea, you can! Our 14-Day Detox Teas are made from organic ingredients such as apple, allspice, hibiscus and rosehips. We use the freshest ingredients that result in a ruby red color with dried twigs, blossoms and berries. Enjoy our teas hot or cold – morning or night!


What to Expect from Our Tea Blends

Our teatox diet drinks may taste delicious, but they have more purpose beyond tasting great. By drinking our teas, you can expect the following benefits:

  • Faster metabolism. The apple in our detox teas promotes weight loss, boosts exercise endurance and supports a healthy heart. With a faster metabolism, you can shed more pounds.
  • Healthier body. Only the best 14 Day Teatox would have ingredients to control blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol. In our tea blends, hibiscus manages these numbers. Our teas also contain rosehip to support a healthy immune system.
  • Decrease bloating. It’s not fun feeling bloated all the time. With the allspice added to our tea blends, you can reduce bloating, indigestion and other tummy problems.
  • Increase Energy. It’s hard to stay active and motivated when you lack the energy to do so. With less bloating, a faster metabolism and a cleansed body, you will have the energy to recharge your day – and your attitude!


Teatox Diet Drinks for Men and Women

At Fit Life Tea, we take great pride in the tea blends that we deliver to our customers. As a female owned and operated company, many of our formulations are geared toward women and the issues they face such as stubborn belly fat, a lack of energy and heavy menstrual periods. However, men love our products as well!

All tea blends use USDA certified organic ingredients that are sourced from sustainable farms. Our teas use uncut, un-crushed leaves that are steeped in mesh sachet bags for maximum flavor. Add our best 14 Day Teatox to your diet and be amazed by the results!