Best Cleansing Tea Diet Drinks

Detox teas can be an excellent addition to your current health and fitness journey. Even if you aren’t currently following a specific health regimen, you can still reap the benefits of the best cleansing detox tea on the market!


USDA Certified Organic Tea Drinks

Fit Life Tea has a full selection of organic detox teas that are designed to help you lose weight, cleanse the body and speed up your metabolism. Best of all, our tea drinks don’t put anything bad into the body. You can enjoy all the advantages of increased energy and a faster metabolism using all natural ingredients with a delicious taste.

Our 14-Day and 28-Day Organic Teatoxes contain ingredients such as apple, rosehips, allspice and hibiscus. All ingredients are USDA certified organic and are sourced from organic tea plantations, small growers and sustainable farms. The ingredients are grown all over the world in their natural habitats, and all formulation, blending, inspections, packaging and distribution take place here in the U.S, and we are female owned and operated. #girlpower


What Makes Our Tea Diet Drinks the Best?

There’s a reason why Fit Life Tea products are superior to other brands. It’s all in the quality of our tea blends and the tea bags they come in.

  • Proprietary blends. Our tea blends are made from the freshest ingredients, and the leaves are gently dried to retain the most health effects and flavor. Other brands only use tea dust, but you will see that our best cleansing tea has dried blossoms, berries and tea leaves. Delicious!
  • Mesh sachet bags. At Fit Life Tea, we don’t use paper bags. Instead, we use woven pyramid sachet bags that allow the whole leaves to release more flavor and essential oils. And, our bags never contain any chemicals or preservatives to keep them fresh.

How to Get Started with Tea Beverages

All of our tea diet drinks can be purchased online at your convenience. They are shipped in foil-lined packages to maintain freshness and quality. If you’re not sure which tea is right for you, read the reviews from our customers. You can get a good idea of how our best cleansing tea works for people just like you!