Best Laxative Free Tea Diet Drinks

Are you looking for a tea that will help you burn fat and lose weight without using laxatives? For the best laxative free tea, shop with Fit Life Tea. Our tea blends never contain any laxative ingredients such as Senna. Instead, our detox teas contain ingredients like allspice, apple, hibiscus and rosehips. With each cup of tea, you can feel good knowing that no harmful ingredients are going into your body.


How Do Our Tea Diet Drinks Work?

We have a better product with better results because of the ingredients we use. All ingredients are USDA certified organic and come from small, sustainable farms and plantations. Second, we never use crushed leaves. All leaves are uncut and un-crushed, so you get the full compounds and essential oils. Finally, our best laxative free tea is effective because it comes in pyramid sachet bags that release more compounds and flavors.

Here is what you can expect from our tea diet drinks:

  • Boost metabolism to burn more fat and calories
  • Detox and cleanse the body from free radicals that could otherwise cause inflammation, cancer and other chronic conditions
  • Increase energy to be more physically active
  • Promote a happier, healthier lifestyle
  • Decrease bloating and digestive distress
  • Clear up skin, including acne and blemishes


What Ingredients are Contained in Our Teatoxes?

At Fit Life Tea, we do NOT use laxative ingredients like Senna in our products. Here are the ingredients you can expect to find in our best laxative free tea.

  • Hibiscus to lower blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar
  • Rosehips to fight inflammation and strengthen the immune system
  • Apple to promote weight loss and exercise endurance
  • Allspice to relieve indigestion, obesity and bloating

To get the best laxative free tea, shop with Fit Life Tea today! All products come with a 30-Day quality guarantee, and you receive 10% off your first order. Or sign up for our newsletters to learn more about how our teas can fit into your busy lifestyle!