Best Non GMO Tea Diet Drinks

Even though teas are made from all-natural ingredients, it’s still important to know where those ingredients are coming from. With Fit Life Tea beverages, you can feel good about your health knowing that you are drinking the best non GMO tea.

Other tea companies get their ingredients from farms and plantations that do not follow sustainable practices. Their ingredients may also be subject to things like sewage sludge, synthetic pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and GMOs. So, even though you may be drinking a “natural” tea, you have no idea what types of chemicals and GMOs were used in the ingredients.



Why Add Fit Life Tea Blends to Your Daily Routine

With Fit Life Tea, you can expect the freshest, highest quality tea diet drinks on the market! Here are a few things we would like to know about our brand and how our herbal blends can promote a healthy lifestyle.

  • USDA certified organic ingredients
  • Ingredients sourced from organic tea plantations, sustainable farms and small growers
  • Whole, un-crushed leaves for more nutritional components
  • Woven mesh pyramid bags for enhanced freshness
  • No harmful chemicals, toxins or synthetic ingredients
  • Zero calories; enjoy hot or cold

When you shop for the best non GMO tea with Fit Life Tea, you also get our 30-Day quality guarantee and 10% off your first order. To save additional money, check out our value packs that get you more for your money!

Results in Just One Month!

Our teas do not contain laxative ingredients like Senna. Our tea diet drinks are focused on promoting a healthier lifestyle that includes healthy eating, hydration and exercise. By keeping your body clean and your metabolism sped up, you can enjoy a wide range of benefits in under a month!

  • Increased metabolism
  • Boosted energy levels
  • Improved skin complexion
  • Enhanced mood and stamina
  • Remove free radicals from the body
  • Burn more fat and calories

There’s no reason to wait any longer to accelerate your health program. Shop with Fit Life Tea and enjoy our best non GMO tea!