Best USDA Certified Tea Diet Drinks

When you want the best USDA certified tea, there’s no better place to shop with than Fit Life Tea. All of our tea products are USDA certified. This means that they meet the strict criteria of the United States Department of Agriculture National Organic Program (NOP). The criteria apply to all parts of the process: farming, processing, transportation, labels and packaging.

Additionally, being certified organic means that no harmful ingredients are used in the products. All Fit Life Tea products are free from sewage sludge, synthetic pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, antibiotics, growth hormones, artificial fertilizers and GMOs. With each sip you take, you can enjoy a truly fresh, delicious and healthy cup of tea.

Understanding How Teatoxes Work

If you are considering starting with one of our tea diet drinks, the staff at Fit Life Tea is happy to answer your questions and help you select the best tea product for your needs. The tea blends that we have available include:

  • 14-Day Organic Teatox
  • 28-Day Organic Teatox
  • Organic Metabolic Energy Tea
  • Organic Sleepy Tea

If you choose one of our tea diet drinks, you can expect the ingredients to provide your body with a full cleanse and healthy liver support. By reducing bloating and digestive issues, speeding up the metabolism and burning fat more easily, you can drop pounds drinking our best USDA certified tea. Some of the ingredients you will find in our teatox blends include apple, allspice, rosehips and hibiscus.

Benefits of Tea Diet Drinks

Before you add one of our tea blends to your regimen, familiarize yourself with the benefits! Our teas are fresh and made from natural, quality ingredients. This means that your body will get plenty of essential antioxidants that can transform your health.

Consider the following advantages to drinking organic teatox blends:

  • Boost metabolism
  • Burn fat and drop pounds
  • Increase energy and mood
  • Detox and cleanse the body
  • Reduce bloating and digestive distress
  • Get clearer skin

Shop with Fit Life Tea for the best USDA certified tea – hands down!