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Peanut Butter Banana Oatmeal

Ingredients: 1 cup of old fashioned oats 1 banana 2 tablespoons of peanut butter or almond butter 1 tablespoon of chia steeds 1 teaspoon

Vegan Valentine’s Day Bowl

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it can be tempting to indulge in a few too many treats. Trust me, we are right

Healthy Banana Split Substitute to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Take a look at the new and improved “banana split!” A sweet treat doesn’t always need to mean unnecessary calories that won’t offer any

Blueberry Coconut Shake

Eating well and staying hydrated is essential in the summertime. We find ourselves craving fresh produce and water all day long. What better go-to

Best Avocado Toast Recipes

If there’s no avo, we don’t want it. Am I right? The legendary avocado toast will always be a breakfast favorite. There are so

Berry Smoothie Bowl

There are so many ways to create your own smoothie bowl. With the endless ingredients and toppings, there are no rights or wrongs! Simply

Watermelon Sherbet

These days we are forever craving something refreshing! I think we all can agree that watermelon is the ultimate thirst quencher. We got a

Fresh Caprese Salad

Nothing screams sunny days like the taste of a fresh caprese salad. Take a trip to your local farmers market and collect all the

Coconut and Almond Apple Pops

We are always looking for quick and easy healthy snacks to keep around for those grab-n-go kind of days. With the speedy prep time

7 Surprising Signs You’re Eating Too Much Sugar

Even if you’ve sworn off soda and almost always skip dessert, there’s a good chance you’re still downing more sugar than you think. Research

5 Weight Loss Rules You Should Completely Ignore

If you want to lose weight, there’s no shortage of tips, plans, and expert advice available on the Internet. That sounds like a good

5 Reasons Green Tea Is the World’s Healthiest Drink

You’ve probably heard that green tea is good for you, but did you realize just how good? We’re talking best-beverage-on-the-planet good. “It’s the healthiest

6 Natural Ways to Beat Anxiety

Nothing can magically make the stressors in your life disappear. But as it turns out, the right foods can seriously help. No, they won’t

12 Diet Hacks That Will Help You Beat Bloating

Being bloated is never fun. It’s uncomfortable and makes you feel self-conscious. How do you get rid of the beach ball in your belly?

The Proven Way to Burn Fat without Dieting or Exercise

How do you lose weight, lower risk of heart disease and diabetes, improve gut health, and enhance cognitive performance? Simple: You take a day

10 Self Care Ideas for Busy Moms

Mothers today are pulling “double-duty”, putting their time and energy into a day job only to come home to put more time and energy

How You Can Succeed by Setting SMART Goals to Stay on Track

Nothing can stop you on the path to the healthiest you ever…except for maybe the glazed donut buffet in the office lounge or a

How to Stay Healthy During the Fall Season

As the colder months approach us, it’s easy to let ourselves get in the “cozy, comfort food” zone. And don’t get us wrong, we

3 Reasons You Should Try a Teatox Detox

Learn more about the best tasting all natural 14-day detox to help cleanse your body and jump start weight loss.

What to Do (And What Not to Do) During Your Teatox Detox

You’re tired of feeling heavy, bloated, and dealing with a slow digestion. You’re more than ready to drop the extra pounds and feel light

Healthy No-Bake Energy Bites

On-the-go quick energy snacks are so important. We live a fast-paced life. We are always going somewhere or doing something. Our days are never

Do These 5 Things To Wake Up With Energy

When the alarm sounds in the morning, how do you feel? Motivated to jump out of bed and take on the day  or… desperate

DIY Glass Jar Tea Holders

Today I want to share with you all how I have been storing all my Fit Life Teas. If you’re anything like me, you

6 Hibiscus Teatox Benefits for Weight Loss

A simple google search for “weight loss” will come up with countless tips, supplements, and products promising to help you lose weight quickly. From

5 Things You Can Do to Sleep Better Tonight

It’s 7:00 am. The (dreaded) sound of your alarm pulls you from your sleep just long enough for you to hit snooze. Lying in

12 Meal Prep Tips to Cook Like a Pro (and Be Healthier!)

Picture this: You wake up, open the fridge, and find a filling, healthy breakfast that kicks off your morning just right. You pack a

DIY Teatox Air Freshener

Who else loves all things smell-good? I sure do! I am always collecting new candles and oils to burn in my house year round.

Fit Life Energy Tea Face Mask

Yup, you read right! We have a whole new way for you to use our Energy Tea. If you think it’s great already, it

Create Your Own Water-Dipped Tea Mugs

Hey everyone! I’m back today to show you one of my favorite at home DIY’s! The best part about this craft is that you

What You Should Eat During Your Teatox Detox

One common mistake most people make when they start a detox is to stop eating normally. Restraining yourself to a point where you feel

Do-It-Yourself Lavender-Rosemary Yoga Mist

Aromatherapy comes with too many benefits to count. It can totally change your state of mind, the way you’re feeling and the general balance

10 Ways to Beat an Afternoon Slump—Instantly!

Did you know that we are the most productive in the first 2 to 4 hours after waking up? Our focus and alertness peak

3 Steps to Beat Belly Bloat for Good!

If you suffer from belly bloat, we feel your pain. Put simply: It sucks. But that gassy, uncomfortable full feeling doesn’t have to be

Do-It-Yourself Honey Sugar Lip Scrub

We love all kinds of scrubs. They are an incredible way to upkeep healthy skin! Taking care of your skin is so important, but

How to Lose Weight Fast with Organic Teatox

You just found the most delicious organic teatox to jump start your weight loss plan.

How This 3-Ingredient Tea Blend Boosts Energy Instantly

Do you feel tired, sluggish, or like your brain is in a fog throughout the day? You’re not alone. Fatigue is an extremely common

A Healthy, Sweet Snack: Strawberry Kiwi Bark

Healthy Snack that Tastes Delicious! Nothing is much better than fresh fruit in the summertime! I mean, who doesn’t love biting into a juicy

Make the Perfect Green Smoothie

When infusing luscious greens into your smoothie, not only does the taste of the smoothie become more delightful, but the health benefits become boosted

Teatox Plus Fast: A Powerful Combo

Keeping your body in great shape requires strong digestion. Have you ever stopped to think that your digestive system works all around the clock?

8 Tips to Instant Energy

Are you having a hard time getting through the day? Can’t stop yawning at work and aren’t productive? You aren’t alone! Thankfully, it’s easy to change things around.

10 Superfoods For Maximum Weight Loss

January typically marks the beginning of the gym season, as millions of new gym members nationwide embark on their fitness journeys to hopefully lose

Foods that Keep You Energized All Day Long

The sustenance you fuel your body with plays an important factor on your mood and level of energy. Ultimately, you want to nourish yourself

3 Easy Resolutions For A Healthier You

The excitement for ringing in 2017 has come and gone. Across the world, new years eve never fails to draw a crowd from all

Letting Go: 10 Unhealthy Habits to Ditch in the New Year

2017 is here and that means you have a fresh start! If you are still trying to figure out your resolutions for this year,

5 Proven Ways to Stay On Track

With the hectic holiday festivities humming in the air, it may be difficult to stay on track with your health and fitness goals. Fit

8 Ways to Jumpstart Your Weight Loss Goals

Weight loss is both a mental and physical battle. The mind and body must be fully committed to be successful. During this journey, we

Vacations Are Good For Your Health: 6 Reasons To Go Away This Summer

Vacations are not only fun and exciting, but they have many proven health benefits as well. So this is your friendly reminder to take

7 Ways Sleep Affects Your Weight

Did you know that 70% of Americans suffer from insomnia or lack of sleep? Between work, school, kids, maintaining households and of course, social

14 Surprisingly Easy Ways to Reduce Wrinkles

Americans have an obsession with keeping their skin wrinkle-free, and there’s a multi-billion dollar cosmetics industry to support it. If you’re interested in keeping

5 Ways to Guarantee You Make Your Morning Workout

If your schedule allows you to exercise in the morning, it’s a great way to jump-start your metabolism and keep it elevated all day.

5 Best Foods to Eat for Breakfast

No matter how many devices we have to “make our lives easier,” we still find ourselves rushing out the door every morning with little

5 Ways to Look & Feel Great, Without Breaking The Bank

With so much health advice available to us, it can be difficult to narrow it down. Juicing? Kettlebells? Non-GMO? The list of miracle health

Kylie and Kendall Keep Slim with Teatox

It’s hard to keep up with the Kardashians, but this got us talking. Kylie Jenner, the youngest of the sisters, has gone through a

So How’s Your New Year’s Resolution Coming?

Let’s look at what causes weight gain, and what you can do about it.

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