Coconut and Almond Apple Pops

We are always looking for quick and easy healthy snacks to keep around for those grab-n-go kind of days. With the speedy prep time and simple ingredients, these Coconut and Almond Apple Pops are the perfect treat. Follow along step by step so you can prepare them at home!





  1. Green apples
  2. Peanut Butter
  3. Coconut chips
  4. Almond slices
  5. Lollypop Sticks


  1. Begin by peeling a clean apple
  2. Using a tablespoon round measuring scoop, create bite size balls out of the apple
  3. Place a lollypop stick in the center of each apple ball
  4. Prepare the coconut chips and almond slices by crushing them together and setting them aside
  5. Cover the apple balls in melted peanut butter
  6. Following the peanut butter, dip them in the crushed coconut chips and almond slices


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