How You Can Succeed by Setting SMART Goals to Stay on Track

Nothing can stop you on the path to the healthiest you ever…except for maybe the glazed donut buffet in the office lounge or a Friday night out with the girls or the inevitable let down after not seeing the results you hoped for.

Setting SMART goals, goals that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely will help you stay on track when the obstacles come.

Specific. According to, “A goal is measurable when it is easy to determine if it has been accomplished.” Look at your fitness goal. How easy would it be to rationalize your success when your favorite TV show comes on during exercise time? If, for example, your goal is to exercise more, you could justify skipping today’s workout for an episode of The Ellen Show. If, however, your goal is to exercise 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week, it makes wiggling out of this workout much tougher to rationalize.

Measurable. You have to keep score if you want to know who wins. Measuring progress helps you know whether you’re winning or losing. The beauty of SMART goals is you determine the winning score. If decreasing your body fat percentage by 5% is the measurement, then you win once you reduce your body fat percentage by 5%. If you’re at 4%, you haven’t won….yet.

Attainable.  A worthy goal will challenge you, but not to the point where it’s unrealistic. Terri Babers, an independent certified coach, teacher and speaker based in Fairbanks, Alaska cautions, “Don’t set yourself up for failure, which can lead to guilt, shame, and regret. Setting a goal, for example, to qualify for the Olympic swim team might be a tad unrealistic for someone who only knows how to dog paddle. A better–challenging, yet attainable goal–might be to learn 4 basic swim strokes and be able to swim 100 meters non-stop for each one.

Relevant. The goal has to mean something to you. It can’t just be about a number. Why do you want to lose 10 pounds? Why do you want to master the 5 basic Parkour moves? At Fit Life Tea, for example, we didn’t start with numbers or a business plan. We started with what matters most to us–feeling happy inside, living healthy, and cherishing and changing the world a little at a time. This is what motivates us every day to improve.

Timely. What’s the most exciting part of a sporting contest? It’s the end. When time is running out, the contestants act with a sense of urgency. The same concept applies to achieving goals. When there’s a deadline, we focus. Unlike sporting events, you can win by just doing your best. If your best doesn’t achieve your goal by the deadline, move the deadline back.

Fit Life Tea makes it easy to time goal achievement with a 14-day or 28-day Tea-Tox. It makes achieving your goals in a timely manner simple.

Take Action Now

You have the information to make goal-setting more effective. Now it’s time to do something. Review your goals and make them SMART. That might mean specifying how much weight you’re going to lose? Maybe you need to quantify exercise frequency? Perhaps you need to change your goal to what you want instead of what someone else wants? Or maybe you just need to accelerate progress with Fit Life Tea.

You can do it and we’re here to help!


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