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Our Story

Fit Life Tea's mission is to inspire and enable healthy living and happiness throughout the world.

We didn’t start with a business plan. Instead, we asked ourselves, what matters most?

Answer: Feeling happy inside. Living healthy. Cherishing and changing the world in the same way we become fit, a little at a time.

That’s how we came up with the idea for a company that creates organic tea blends designed around potent beneficial ingredients.

We source all natural herbal organic ingredients that emphasize health, functionality and authentic results.

And we did it without trade-offs, because we refuse to sacrifice quality, delicious taste or evocative aroma.

Side-by-side comparisons show Fit Life Tea is more delicious tasting and fragrant than anything else we’ve found.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or feedback.

Our ingenious tea bag enhances the amazing taste of our tea.

Fit Life Tea’s pyramid sachet bag is tall and roomy, to allow our whole premium tea leaves to completely unfurl and circulate freely to encourage better brewing. Plus, our biodegradable mesh tea bags are woven with much larger holes than conventional paper bags. These larger holes allow the hot water to infuse more of the tea’s surface area and derive the evocative nuances of the full flavor profile from every delicious leaf.

And because we use only whole, uncrushed, uncut leaves, all the beneficial nutritional components, essential oils and fragrances are kept intact – until the moment our cleverly designed bag releases the maximum amount of flavor into your cup.

Artisan tea makers elevate the experience of tea.

Fit Life Teas are certified organic and nurtured by hand. Aromatic flavors are coaxed from every leaf, whether it grows in cool mountain mists or lush, tropical valleys.

Only premium uncut tea leaves and certified organic wellness herbs go into each handmade Fit Life Tea variety. Every all natural ingredient is thoughtfully selected for a harmony of function, fragrance and flavor.

We help you pursue health and fitness as a way of life.

Fit Life Tea is a deeply authentic experience inspired by a commitment to wellness. Our goal is to promote body harmony while reshaping the world we all share.

Every purchase supports ethical charity to nurture our shared community. Every cup revitalizes your cells – quenches your cravings – and helps detox your body.

Feel healthy. Look radiant. Inspire happiness throughout the world.