Are your teas guaranteed for freshness and quality?

Absolutely. Our proprietary blends are created by hand in small batches using the freshest all natural ingredients. Every certified organic ingredient is tested and retested against rigorous quality standards. Your order is shipped in reusable foil-lined package to preserve each custom blend’s naturally delicious taste and fragrance.

Why is Fit Life Tea better than tea in paper bags?

Short answer: Superior tea. And superior tea bags.

Our woven pyramid sachet bags allow our whole premium tea leaves to completely unfurl so the hot water permeates more surface area, infusing the full flavor profile from every delicious leaf.

Fit Life Tea blends are incredibly fresh because we source the best organic ingredients we can find. Our uncut whole leaves are gently dried to retain the maximum flavor and healthful benefits. Tea in paper bags is often made from tea “dust” which is code for fragmented, chopped up leaves that have lost essential oils and flavors to evaporation.

Just look at the vibrant colors and taste the aromas of our custom blended blossoms, herbs and spices – they truly are works of art. In fact, our artisan tea makers have won professional championships for their creative, beautiful and beneficial blends.

We actually feel sorry for tea trapped in an inferior paper tea bag. It’s almost certainly stale and degraded, especially if the bag has been chemically bleached and the tea leaves themselves are crumbling fragments with their essential oils crushed out of them long ago.

What’s up with your tea bag design?

Let’s back it up a step, since the tea leaf itself is where quality begins.

Fit Life Tea blends use only whole, uncrushed, uncut leaves, which keeps beneficial nutritional components, essential oils and fragrances intact. We would never put our premium whole leaf teas in a chemically bleached paper tea bag.

Instead, to preserve the premium nature of our whole leaf tea blends, we use a specially designed pyramid sachet tea bag. Our sachet bag is tall and roomy, to allow our whole tea leaves to circulate freely to encourage better brewing.

The way our pyramid tea bags are woven creates an open mesh with much larger holes than conventional paper bags. These larger holes allow water to infuse more of the tea’s surface area, which releases the maximum amount of beneficial nutrition and essential oils and flavors into your cup.

Fit Life Tea bags are tagless, biodegradable and made from corn. Why would we put our gorgeous certified organic ingredients in anything less?

What does “certified organic” mean?

Products sold as “Certified Organic” in the United States are required to meet the strict standards of the United States Department of Agriculture National Organic Program (NOP). To be certified organic, Fit Life Tea blends comply with stringent NOP requirements that cover every aspect of organic farming, processing, transportation, labels and packaging.

Following NOP mandates means no sewage sludge, no synthetic pesticides, no herbicides, no fungicides, no antibiotics, no growth hormones, no artificial fertilizers, no GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) and no irradiation ever gets anywhere near the ingredients in Fit Life Tea.

The green and white USDA Organic seal on our packaging is your assurance that Fit Life tea is, in fact, certified organic.

If you don’t see the USDA Organic seal, beware. There are teatox imposters out there who may call themselves organic, but can’t actually meet the certification standards to back up their claims.

USDA Organic

Are Fit Life Tea blends certified Kosher?

Yes. Every Fit Life Tea blend is certified as meeting Kosher preparation and purity standards.

Our custom blends are certified by rabbis who define “kosher” this way: “The kosher or non-kosher state of a product depends on the source of the ingredients and the status of the equipment on which it was processed. Some foods are always accepted as kosher, such as fruits and vegetables, which require no further processing. However, other products may only be kosher if the accepted ingredients are being used, and if the processing is done under Rabbinic supervision.”

How is tea decaffeinated?

Tea leaves contain about 2% to 4% caffeine. Of the methods used to decaffeinate tea, we use Super Critical CO2, the only process permitted by organic certification.

With this method, the greatest amount of desirable aromatic and nutritional components remain, which means more antioxidants and beneficial tea properties are preserved for the moment they are infused in your cup.

Where do your ingredients come from?

From sustainable-practice farms, organic tea plantations, and small growers and estates all over the world. The country or countries of origin for any particular ingredient may vary, as seasons change and harvest times vary.

We source only all natural, certified organic ingredients chosen for dynamic functionality in the human body. For country of origin specifics, click on the Ingredients link for the blend you’re interested in.

(Next time you plan a vacation, consider the tea-growing countries of the world. You can choose mountains or tropics. Even if you’re staying local, be sure to take Fit Life Tea with you and keep your healthy lifestyle going no matter where you are.)

What’s the best way to steep tea?

Tea is simple and complex at the same time. Yes, all you need is hot water. But the way you prepare your tea can dramatically alter its aroma and flavor.


Of course, fresh spring water is ideal for brewing the highest quality tea. Bottled water is another option. If your tap water has a high mineral content, you may want to consider a water filter to remove dissolved minerals, which can dramatically impact the taste of tea.

How hot should your water be? Temperature affects the rate at which tea flavor develops. We recommend using water heated to just boiling, or about 180 degrees Fahrenheit. Tea leaves vary in their sensitivity to heat. We encourage you to experiment until you find what suits your taste buds best.


Steeping time is critical. In general, steep at least 2 or 3 minutes, and perhaps as long as 5 minutes, if you find the resulting taste desirable. Our pyramid bags can be steeped multiple times, so you can get several brewed cups from each bag.

Can I use the microwave instead of boiling water on the stove?

Yes. The ideal water temperature ranges from 180 to 212 degrees Fahrenheit, with a minimum steeping time around 2 or 3 minutes, up to a maximum of about 5 minutes. What matters most is not how you get your water to boil, but the quality of the water and tea you infuse in your cup.

What’s the best way to make iced tea?

Start with good ice, which means making your ice cubes from the same water you use to make hot tea. Ice made with good water not only looks clearer, it makes a noticeable difference in the way your iced tea tastes.

(Have you ever seen ice cubes made from distilled water? There’s a frozen explosion in the middle of the cube.)

TIP: Since half the water in iced tea is melted ice, use double the amount of tea you usually use when brewing tea for drinking hot. Once your double-strength tea is brewed, pour it over ice. The melting water dilutes the stronger brew so the taste balances out just right.

What’s the difference between green tea, black tea and white tea?

All tea is produced from varieties of the same plant, Camellia sinensis. Slightly different methods of preparation determine if tea is designated green, black or white.

Green tea is made from leaves that are steamed immediately after being picked, which preserves their powerful antioxidants and captures their gentle, all natural flavor.

Black tea results when withered tea leaves are rolled, dried and oxidized to increase the caffeine level.

White tea is minimally processed and low in caffeine.

Since tea has no calories, what’s the best way to sweeten it?

Honey is a traditional tea sweetener, but many people can be allergic to it, even if it’s locally sourced from bees in their area. Herbal alternatives include licorice root extract and stevia leaves or concentrate. Stevia contains no carbs or calories. Consider adding apple juice, bits of fresh apples, or eating an apple as you drink your tea.

You may also want to consider maple syrup or molasses as natural alternatives to replace refined sugars.

In which countries are your growers located?

We source our certified organic ingredients only from farmers and growers whose farms, plantations and rainforest operations meet ecologically sustainable objectives. Our responsible practice partners grow and harvest our ingredients according to ethical standards that address social, economic and environmental concerns.

Countries of origin include Albania, Argentina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, China, Egypt, Europe, Guatemala and the USA. Formulation, blending, inspections, packaging and distribution take place in the USA.

Why does Fit Life Tea look and taste better than other teas I’ve tried?

Naturally, we believe our tea tastes more delicious, smells more fragrant and looks more beautiful. But that’s because we go to such extraordinary lengths to source our organic ingredients, which we then hand over to some of the most brilliant specialty tea artisans in the world.

Our specially designed formulations are handcrafted to high standards. Each is blended by artisan tea makers who consider tea an especially creative form of functional art.

Speaking of creativity, let’s talk about our tea bags. Whole tea leaves can’t move through hot water to brew properly if they’re squished into a teensy bag. Unfortunately, some tea makers cut their leaves in order to make them fit into their bags.

At Fit Life Tea, we use only whole, uncut leaves to preserve the greatest amount of flavor. Our taller, specially designed pyramid sachet bag duplicates what happens in a teapot or infuser with loose leaf teas – our whole leaves open up and unfurl fully and circulate to allow maximum infusion.

The larger holes in our mesh sachet bag allow the hot water to come in contact with more of the leaf’s surface. This releases more flavor from essentials oils in each leaf, which is the secret to the exquisite taste of our high quality whole leaf tea blends.

All of our organic tea blends are packaged in resealable, foil-lined bags to preserve every nuance of premier quality, taste and freshness. Is all this reading making you thirsty yet?

Does Organic Teatox have a medicinal taste or unpleasant laxative effect?

No and no. Organic Teatox is an aromatic blend with a sweet, fruity fragrance and a distinctive fruity taste. As for the tea cleanse or teatox diet effect, it can of course vary from person to person, and depends on how many cups you drink each day. We recommend using two tea bags per day while on our purifying regimen. Our custom blend 14-Day Organic Teatox and 28-Day Organic Teatox are designed to encourage fat burning and weight loss, ease bloating, and balance your digestive system. The best way to detox and help cleanse and purify your system is as part of a complete weight loss strategy that incorporates a nutritious diet and appropriate exercise. What’s appropriate? Talk to your doctor. Our advice? Aim for equal parts sweat and fun. Exercise Ideas That Aren’t Boring