Tea plants are sensitive to their environment. The small leaf variety grows at altitude in mountain mists. The broad leaf variety thrives in tropical climates.

The environmental growers of Fit Life Tea allow each plant to develop slowly and naturally, because tender leaves make superior tea.

Harvesting tea requires great care.
Unlike bruised and broken tea leaf fragments found in other brands, Fit Life Tea uses only whole uncut leaves of the finest and freshest quality. Beneficial properties, essential oils and extraordinary flavors remain intact within our uncrushed leaves.

This ensures your body receives the complete physiologic health benefits of each undamaged, oh-so-delicately handpicked leaf.

Health Benefits

Drinking tea has been linked with good health for centuries. Today, scientific research confirms the connection between tea and fitness.


Herbal Tea with Zero Calories

Fit Life Tea is a smart substitute for snacks because it tastes delicious and helps you feel full, all with no calories. And that’s just for starters.

Mental alertness, less fatigue and a lower risk of cardiovascular problems – even helping slow the aging process – are benefits you can get from the dynamic ingredients in Fit Life Tea.

Organic cleansing ingredients in our Organic Teatox help purify and detox your digestive system and ease bloating. Potent antioxidants scavenge free radicals to help maintain a more agile immune system – which is the secret to younger acting skin that can more quickly repair visible signs of aging.

Antioxidant compounds in Organic Metabolic Energy Tea can help improve mental performance, boost physical activity and burn fat.

Organic Sleepy Tea has a calming effect that encourages relaxation and restful sleep. It helps boost immune function, relax muscles and alleviate stomach discomfort.

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The whole, uncut tea leaves in our custom Fit Life Tea blends are brimming with polyphenol antioxidants, which are powerful substances that prevent or slow down the oxidation process in our bodies.

Why is oxidation harmful? Rust is an example of oxidation acting on metal. (Nobody wants to be rusting from the inside out.) Antioxidants = anti-oxidation. Antioxidants help repair damage caused by the free radicals that continuously corrode your cells and hinder your immune system.

Antioxidants neutralize these harmful free radicals, which are responsible for accelerating the aging process and causing a wide range of illnesses and chronic disease.

Want more antioxidants in your diet?

Drink Fit Life Tea. We also encourage you to increase the amount of fruits and vegetables you eat. Fresh or frozen, it doesn’t matter. In fact, imagine a bowl of frozen berries with a steaming hot cup of Fit Life Tea. How easy and delicious is that?

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Fit Life Tea Sourcing, Formulation, Blending and Packing

Our artisan tea ingredients are sourced from certified organic farms all over the world, then blended and packaged in the USA. Our creative tea recipes are handcrafted to our unique specifications, using exclusive and all natural organic teas, herbs and spices that look as beautiful as they taste.

Fit Life Tea herbal blends are custom blends you can find nowhere else. Our innovative recipes combine dynamic health benefits with delicious flavors, satisfying aromas and beautiful, jewel-like colors.

Every cup revitalizes your cells – quenches your cravings – and helps detoxify your body. Enjoy.