Sexy Summer Arm Workout

Are you ready to get armed for summer? Follow this sexy summer arm workout 2-4 times a week. Warm up with three sets of pushups, resting for no more than one minute between sets.

Perform the remaining exercises as a circuit. Complete 15 reps of each move – rest two to three minutes, then repeat for a total of three sets. If you don’t have weight available to use, you can still do the exercises without weights.

1. Regular Pushups – 15 Reps

Description: Keep body in a straight line, lower body up and down keeping elbows bent slightly.


2. Dips on Mat – 15 Reps

Description: Sitting on a mat, bend your knees – right leg up, bend elbows and dip your body.


3. Lying Chest Fly – 15 Reps

Description: Hold the dumbbells parallel to each other above your chest. Lower arms out to your sides, then squeeze your chest muscles as you bring the weights back to starting position.


4. Tricep Kickbacks – 15 Reps

Description: Slightly lean forward, keep your abs tight and extend your arms backwards. Keep your elbows at a 90 degree angle.


5. Reverse Lunge + Shoulder Press – 15 reps

Description: Stand with your feet together, hold weights at shoulders. Step your left foot back coming into a lunge. Push off your left foot, bringing your left knee forward so it is even with your left hip, while raising your arms above your head.


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