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Keep your commitment to ongoing body wellness with our Fit Life Tea 3-Month Teatox. This is the delicious way to detox. You’ll get three packs of 28-Day Organic Teatox – that’s 56 pyramid tea bags in each pack.

With zero calories and a distinctive fruity taste, you’ll enjoy steaming hot and/or icy refreshment designed to help you lose weight, burn fat and cleanse your digestive system. You’ll be getting the all natural health benefits of premium organic ingredients that are specially blended to help you stay on track for getting fit and losing weight. *

Say goodbye to a stressed digestive system and that overweight, bloated feeling. Start feeling happy in your body with Fit Life Tea.

Plus get a FREE water bottle made with BPA-free components certified to keep your liquids safe to drink.

Three packs of 28-Day Organic Teatox | Each contains 56 bags of whole premium tea leaves | Net Wt. 3.95 oz. (112g) each

24 oz. BPA-Free Plastic Water Bottle

We Ship Worldwide.

Read a review from Kettlebell Bombshell. “It tastes as good as it smells…I do feel good from adding this into my diet.”

Learn the delicious and healthy way to detox gently and effectively.

* Results not guaranteed and may vary person to person.


Organic Hibiscus
An herbal remedy used around the world to treat high blood pressure, lower cholesterol and blood sugar.

Organic Rosehips
High in vitamin C, packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Strengthens immune system. Fights inflammation.

Organic Apple
Promotes weight loss, boosts exercise endurance, contains heart-healthy antioxidant compounds.

Organic Allspice
Used for indigestion, intestinal gas, abdominal pain, heavy menstrual periods, obesity. Empties the bowels.

Organic/Natural Flavoring

Countries of Origin: Egypt, Chile, Europe, Guatemala, USA

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  1. I ordered this bundle which is 3 28-day detox but when I opened the box I found a lovely note saying that they ran out of the 28 but instead sent me 6 14-day detox. Which is totally fine bc it’s the same amount! I thought the note was a great touch and I really loved seeing that! It was hand written and personalized. And on top of it, as an apology (for nothing they did wrong!!) they gave me some sleepy time tea too!! You can tell that they really care about their customers!!

    Now on to the tea! I opened the first pouch and it smelled wonderfulllllll. I love tea so I was excited to try this!! I like to have a hot cup in the morning but I really love it over some ice throughout the day! I steep it a little longer than recommended so I can add more water and ice (so it’s not “watered” down). The flavor is great! I have never drank so much “water” before!! I have already noticed that I’m not as bloated and my stomach does feel better! Excited to keep using this! Thanks guys!

  2. Such a great deal! I first had ordered the 28 day by itself and loved the results so now I order the 3 month teatox pack! My husband actually steals it from me.

  3. Thank you Pam for your feedback! We appreciate your continued support. :)

  4. This tea has changed my life, I am addicted to feeling great and shedding weight! It works like a miracle, but you have to make good changes in your life style for this tea to do miracles. The taste is perfect, i have it cold during the day and hot just before hitting the bed. It works simply great!! Thank you Fit Life tea you are true to your claims! LOVE ITTTTTT!

  5. With beach season coming I wanted a healthy way to drop weight fast. Thank goodness for Fit Life Tea tox!!! I have already lost 10lbs with my first order! So I had to order a three month supply to get me my beach body! Thanks Fit Life Tea!

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