Organic Teatox Sample


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Each sample package contains a 2 day supply of our Fit Life Organic Teatox in our pyramid teabags.

Our Organic Teatox is formulated for results and comes in a pyramid tea bag and has zero calories, a red ruby color, sweet aroma and a distinctive fruity taste.

Start your morning and end your evening by steeping a cup of our Organic Teatox for 3-5 minutes.. This process releases our organic ingredients, which eases bloating and digestive stress, while stimulating weight loss. Our ingredients are USDA Certified Organic, 100% all-natural and laxative free (so no running to the bathroom)!

Enjoy two daily cups of Organic Teatox and watch your energy soar and the pounds drop off.

GET YOUR FREE 2 DAY TEATOX sample today! Limit 1 sample pack per user.
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Organic Hibiscus
An herbal remedy used around the world to treat high blood pressure, lower cholesterol and blood sugar.

Organic Rosehips
High in vitamin C, packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Strengthens immune system. Fights inflammation.

Organic Apple
Promotes weight loss, boosts exercise endurance, contains heart-healthy antioxidant compounds.

Organic Allspice
Used for indigestion, intestinal gas, abdominal pain, heavy menstrual periods, obesity. Empties the bowels.

Organic/Natural Flavoring

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