Teatox Plus Fast: A Powerful Combo

Keeping your body in great shape requires strong digestion. Have you ever stopped to think that your digestive system works all around the clock? Isn’t it time that you gave it a little break? That’s exactly what fasting does for you: It reboots your system. Here’s how:

Mark Hyman, M.D., describes how accumulated sugars and toxins in the gut prevent your intestines from absorbing the nutrients you eat because “The health of your gut determines what nutrients to absorb and what toxins, allergens, and microbes to keep out. It’s the direct link to the health of your whole body.”

Fasting eliminates toxins, improves your digestion, and boosts metabolism better and more quickly than almost any other natural therapy. Notable health blogger and cancer survivor who founded the Chris Beat Cancer blog experienced firsthand how during a fast:

Instead of focusing energy on digestion, your body begins repairing damaged organs and tissues, breaking down and eliminating toxic deposits and ‘resetting’ internal processes that may be functioning poorly like your immune system, metabolism, adrenals, hormones, brain chemistry … You start burning stored fat for energy (a.k.a. ketosis), so you should experience some weight loss, and the more fat you have, the longer you can go without food.

Here are some great guidelines based on Ayurvedic principles, an ancient healing system from India, to help you choose the right kind of fast for your needs. Fasting one day a week is generally best for most people without severe health conditions; consult a nutritional specialist before fasting if you have doubts about it. For example, pregnant women should normally never fast.

To have an easier time fasting, consider combining it with a teatox detox. The health benefits of a teatox cleanse, even on a normal diet, are already great. A 14-day Organic Teatox helps you burn calories faster and give you more energy.  Take your cleanse to the next level by drinking extra teatox on your weekly day of fasting. It will help suppress your appetite and make you feel better. Plus, you’ll get a deeper detox in less time. Try one of these plans:

  1. If you have chronic congestion problems and an ongoing sense of lethargy, try a 24-hour juice, lemon-water, and tea fast. Our 28-day Organic Teatox will give you a great supply so that you won’t run out of your feel-good tea too quickly. Make a goal to drink 4 liters or 16 cups of total fluids for best results.
  2. If you regularly get skin rashes or have symptoms of high acidity, try a 24-hour raw-food fast, eating only fresh fruits and vegetables and drinking lots of fluids.
  3. If you suffer from recurring constipation or respiratory problems—or struggle to gain weight—try a 24-hour “mono-diet” fast where you eat only hot vegetable soups and drink lots of hot tea. Alternatively, for 24 hours you can eat only “kitchari,” Indian-style rice and lentils cooked together in one pot.

With all fasts, you’ll be amazed at how good you feel the next day. Go for it!

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