Create Your Own Water-Dipped Tea Mugs

Hey everyone! I’m back today to show you one of my favorite at home DIY’s! The best part about this craft is that you most likely have all the supplies at home. These water dipped tea mugs not only pair well with your Fit Life Tea, but they make for great gifts as well. You can never have too many mugs—that’s my motto! Let’s go ahead and get started.

Here is what you will need:

  1. Bowl of water
  2. White mugs
  3. Nail polish color(s) of choice
  4. Mod Podge

 Create Your Own Water-Dipped Tea Mugs

Take your first color and begin to pour it in a swirling motion in the bowl of water.

Move quickly so that the paint remains fresh for dipping.

We mixed 2 colors for a few mugs. You can mix or keep the colors separate. The choice is yours!

After pouring in the nail polish, grab your mug and dip it half way, at an angle.

Pull the mug out to see the finished product!

Make as many as you desire! Seal it with mod podge to secure the nail polish.

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